Opportunities for those without OCD

In order to better understand processes that occur within OCD, we need participants who have never had the condition.  With the help of such participants, we can make comparisons to learn more about the brain processes that have gone awry in OCD.  Accordingly, those who do not have OCD can still contribute to our understanding of the condition by participating in our non-treatment studies.   

In addition to contributing to the advancement of knowledge, individuals are monetarily compensated upon completion of participation.

If you are interested, please call 203-974-7534.  We will first discuss your interest in participating and what studies are potentially available to you.  Then, we will gather some information about you to determine your eligibility.  Depending upon this discussion, we can then see about arranging your participation.  Please note that the information you share will be kept confidential. If you prefer, you may also send us an email with your name, return number, and your reason for contacting us, and we will give you a phone call to discuss your interest.