Help us to better understand OCD


Please consider helping us. We are seeking volunteers to participate in our various research studies.  Individuals diagnosed with OCD, as well as those who think they might have OCD but have never been diagnosed, can participate.  Some of our research involves new treatment approaches.  Other studies are investigating brain changes that may contribute to OCD, using genetic tests, brain scans, and other approaches.

We also have research studies for people that do not have OCD symptoms. With the help of such participants, we can make comparisons to learn more about the brain processes that have gone awry in OCD.  Accordingly, those who do not have OCD can still contribute to our understanding of the condition by participating in our research.   

Our research studies are aimed at:
  • Developing a better understanding of neurobiological changes that underlie OCD
  • Understanding ways in which different forms of OCD may be distinct from one another 
  • Developing new pharmacological treatments for those patients whose symptoms do not adequately respond to currently available medications.

Participants are compensated for their time upon completion of research studies. 

If you are interested in participation, please contact us.