Treatment Studies

Real-time fMRI neurofeedback research trial

HIC: 0206017435

Real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) neurofeedback is a new technique that allows us to train people to control their brain activity patterns. In this research we are investigating whether real-time fMRI neurofeedback can help people control activity in the region of the brain that has been implicated in obsessive-compulsive symptoms-, and whether the neurofeedback reduces these symptoms.

Participation in this study involves multiple visits to the Magnetic Resonance Research Center at the Yale School of Medicine. People will participate in four imaging sessions in which they are asked to try to control their brain patterns. The imaging sessions are non-invasive but do involve exposure to symptom provoking images. The full study takes approximately a month to complete.

This is a registered clinical trial ( identifier: NCT02206945) and is funded by the National Institute of Mental Health (R01 MH100068).